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Overtown House & Gardens have been open to the
public since 2014

On 28 selected days between March and September (view 2019 dates), visitors will be able to take a tour of the Grade II listed house. Built in separate stages during the 17th century, this traditional family home features many features of the period, including a closed-well staircase (c.1672), numerous family portraits and several contemporary polished oak doors. The fireplace in the kitchen, the hub of the house today, dates from the 1570s, suggesting that the existing house was remodelled by the Calley family on purchasing the Estate in 1614.

The gardens are also of great historic and aesthetic interest. At the front of the house, as the recently reconstituted drive snakes round to the gravel sweep, you can see the imprints of a medieval village. A stone wall and a ha ha separate the lawn and borders to the south of the house from the paddocks that stretch towards the distant Marlborough Downs: to the north, a fruit orchard and extensive vegetable garden sits alongside a small pond that teems with plant and wildlife.

Please note that visits to the house take place between 11am–1pm on selected days (Overtown House Open Days 2019) by appointment only.  Please click here to view our contact details. 

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